Christmas Again

Volunteers.Well it’s nearly here – though, as ever, it will be an anticlimax when it actually arrives. Yes, the traditional meal on Christmas Day will be nice, and we’ll probably get some friends and family calling – there might even be something on TV worth watching – but Christmas is like a lot of things; much better in the planning, preparation and anticipation than in fulfillment.
Union LunchI’ve had some pleasant Christmas meals. December 8th with fellow Gateshead Council volunteers where we got to sit beside some old friends from my home village. Lovely. December 9th with the Retired Members Association of my former union – a nice bunch, though I hardly know them. (New Year’s Resolution – attend more events). And last, but certainly not least, December 16th with a small group of good friends. delightful.
The Gang!And I’ve been to some pleasant shows and events. Two great concerts at the newly-restored St Mary’s Church on November 26th and December 16th, and the Theatre Royal Pantomime on December 6th – a treat, as ever, though I wish they’d do a show just for us oldies with no noisy, smelly, irritating kids allowed.
So I cannot grumble. But I will, especially when its over and I’m looking back and figuring the cost, the hassle and the worry. But, of course, I’ll do it all again next year – in fact I’m already looking forward to it!

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