No Silver Lining After All

I was wrong, the loss of the BSF funding will not save Hookergate from closure. At a meeting between parents and councilors tonight it was announced the the closure of Hookergate and the amalgamation with Ryton Comprehensive are going ahead on the same time-scale . The only  change of plan is that the proposed new school at Greenside won’t now be built. Apparently the money the council will get from the sale of the Hookergate site was the deciding factor.

A friend of mine writes “My daughter rang me about an hour ago, and she had just returned from the meeting with councillors stating that the land was worth too much money … and that the money was going ‘into the pot’, not towards the childrens’ education. That the proposed new building of Greenside school was not going ahead, and that some teachers from Hookergate will be taking redundancies!! … There are a lot of very unhappy people around tonight.” and “Apparently it was not a pleasant meeting, a lot of anger and sadness.” and “There will be one more intake of first years in September, and that will be the last, they are just phasing it out in the next three years.”

What a pity.

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