Well done to the Ward 22 Staff

We hear so many horror stories about the NHS, but I must say that my own experiences as a patient, a carer and a visitor have been almost 100% positive. Today I visited an elderly person in Ward 22 of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here in Gateshead. This ward is devoted to the care of stroke patients, and what magnificent care they receive. The ward is clean and tidy and very well staffed. All the patients are in small side wards with two beds and an en-suite toilet. Thankfully it seems that the person I was visiting has every chance of making a full recovery and was cheerful and well, but the other person sharing the room was in a most distressed state – and throughout our 75-minute visit, there were one or two staff in constant attendance. And they couldn’t have been more caring if the patient had been a parent. Despite the serious illness in the ward, it was a happy place – from doctors and nurses to the tea ladies, everyone smiled and was pleasant and cheerful. Well done to the staff of Ward 22 and indeed to the NHS Foundation Trust which provides such great service.

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