All Change

vetcat2 pm Wednesday. In the reception area of White Lion Vets, Low Fell two cats in adjacent carriers awaited blood tests. Our Samantha, calm, at peace with the world and looking around taking everything in. The other cat, “Angela”, paced angrily around, hissing, threatening death and eternal damnation to anything even daring to look at her, and doubtless using the foulest feline swear words imaginable. In the operating theatre it was all change. Angela suddenly became amicable and succumbed to the shaving and hypodermic in the jugular without complaint, and even purred. Samantha, on the other hand, underwent a Jekyll to Hyde transformation as soon as the shaver came close, and she tried to disembowel the vet, the nurse and me. A dose of sedation put paid to her antics, allowing the shaving and extraction of blood to proceed. Then the reversal drug was injected and we stood by expecting fireworks – but instead, our docile Sam was back – thank goodness.

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