Paola and our Pricey Puss

dscf6855cropI was going to call this piece “Taking the Pee from our Pricey Puss”, but I thought that was rather rude and might be taken to imply that I thought we were being taken for a ride – which I don’t believe for one second.

Samantha has been on tablets for an over-active thyroid for several weeks, and on Monday she had blood taken to check if her medication is controlling her thyroid hormones properly. She’s had some very expensive tests over the past few months, so I was very pleased to be told that this test would only cost £34.26.  The results were due at the end of the week, and Paola, the vet, rang at 11.55 this morning with some good news. Samantha’s “Total T4” was 24 point something, which, apparently, is spot on. So the tablets are fine, and Paola  said she wouldn’t need to see Samantha again for 2 months.

I felt relieved that Samantha was OK … and that there’d be no more veterinary costs for some time. Apart, that is, from the cost of the pills (£15.31 for 30 days), and the cost of her special food which can only be bought from the vet (£12.96 for 12 pouches + £18.61 for 2.5 kg of biscuits).

If I’d only kept quiet at that point … but I didn’t. I mentioned to Paola that Samantha was now drinking a lot, and asked if that was significant.   She said it could be serious.  Samantha would need a different blood test … but don’t worry, Paola said, there’ll be enough blood left from the previous test, so there’s no need to take any more. She added, almost as an aside, that this test costs £81.66 … and she’d also need a urine sample from Samantha to measure its specific gravity.  Somehow the £81.66 slipped completely from my mind  as I thought about taking a urine sample from a cat! How???  Well, I won’t go into the how, but Paola explained it to me and it was actually very simple … with right equipment, which cost £9.29.

I popped down to the vet’s and paid for the blood test and urine collection gear, did the necessary back at home,  and two hours later I was back at the vet’s to deliver a test-tube full of cat pee. Nothing was said about the cost of the urine test, but I assumed that the vet would be testing the pee with one of those coloured test strips, like the ones doctors use, so I didn’t think it would cost much.  I left with the promise that they’d phone later with the results.

The receptionist did phone later, but it was to tell me that Paola thought it best to send the urine off to the lab for a full profile.  And that would cost £49.06.  I asked what they were testing for, but the receptionist didn’t know. She said she’d get Paola to phone me back to discuss it before ordering the test.

On reflection, I regretted querying the test, so a few minutes later I popped down to the vet’s and paid for the test.  I had hoped for a chance to ask Paola about the test, but there was a waiting room full of cats, dogs and assorted owners, so I didn’t bother.  I’ll have to wait until Tuesday for the details and the results.  Lets hope it’s nothing serious – or expensive.

I told Samantha that she’d cost us £174.27 this week, plus her food, but she didn’t show any signs of gratitude, or even interest. Instead she slowly wandered over to her feeding bowl and demanded more food. Now!!

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