Mightily Impressed

Everything, it seems, is being “improved” all the time. My e-mail program has been improved so much that it now takes ages just to boot up and then it doesn’t run, it crawls. And as for Google Maps and Streetview!!!! They’ve been improved so much as to be completely unusable. So when my GP Surgery announced their “improved” super-dooper all-electronic straight-to-the-pharmacy prescription system, I remembered the equation NHS + IT = CHAOS and thought that this was the end of civilization as we know it.

But I’m mightily impressed. As usual I put in my 2-monthly repeat-prescription request on-line just after midnight last night, and I was expecting to pick my meds up from Boots, Low Fell on Wednesday afternoon. But no. At 11.40 this morning I received a little text message “Dear Brian, your prescription is now ready to collect. Boots Gateshead Low Fell 01914 823 776”. And it was. An actual NHS IT success.

from Facebook via IFTTT

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